… starlight, starbright, first star I see tonight.

As the house had been plunged into darkness a few hours earlier I had the forethought that years of having a Mother such as mine brought me up to always be prepared. And so by laying out rows upon rows of candles throughout the townhouse the dusk turned to darkness and I wouldn’t be in the dark. To the untrained heart it would have been the perfect setting for the perfect third date. The only thing short in this fairytale would have been a superb Chianti open on the table, a tender Osso Bucco using my Nonna’s recipe, and of course that investment banker that I met while waiting for my coffee mid-week on a rare sunny afternoon.

There I sat on my comfy Wellington reading chair, curled up with the two Danes at my feet under a blanket, straining my eyes trying to finish the small print of a certain pale-pink weekend newspaper when I started to drift off into an early evening doze. Since dinner would be some lamb chops cooked earlier for lunch, some potato salad and an eating plan busting vanilla ice-cream and mulberry sauce. Suffering through not having a kettle to boil water for my coffee plunger I made do with iced-water.

I was still working off my binge of chocolate, popcorn and diet-coke last night at the movies while watching Michelle Pfeiffer as she just gets better and better with age. The irony of the movie wasn’t lost as we all went for coffee and catch-up afterwards. Since I hadn’t seen most of them since our Christmas in July party we were ever the cynics of true love, as one of the girls had since gotten back with her ex and lived through an engagement only to have been dumped again when uncertainty kicked in. She seemed to be taking it very well despite the smoking, caffeine habit and problems at work.

What is it about believing that always manages to get us into trouble? It was said that Zeus created women, a beautiful evil as he described her, as a punishment for man’s conspiracy with Prometheus and that whole returning fire to man saga. But when she unleashed the evils contained in the jar, just like Eve in the Garden of Eden, the only thing that remained was hope. You see it is both a blessing and a curse. Hope is what drives all our modern fairytales, dreams and ultimately our relationships too. Otherwise there wouldn’t be dating now would there?

As I sat there, wondering about the most famous fairytale of them all I had to ask myself: what if Prince Charming had never shown up? Would Snow White have slept in that glass coffin forever? Or would she have eventually woken up, spat out the apple, gotten a job with a health care package and a baby from her local neighbourhood sperm bank? I couldn’t help but wonder inside every confident single person is there a delicate fragile princess just waiting to be saved? When it comes to relationships could it be that we all just want to be rescued?

I remember wanting to find that special someone who would somehow magically transport me away to a place where relationships were forever, Danish aesthetics would become the international standard, and iTunes wouldn’t charge for music downloads. But I did a few times and we all know how those fairytales ended … and yet I’m hopeful still. While the raging storm outside would be perfect for Igor to find a life, this perfect weather is best shared by cuddling with someone that will be there in the morning.

But that story is for another time and place in a kingdom far, far away where everyone has washboard abs; listens to Massive Attack on their iPods; and by following a calorie-controlled diet live happily ever after.

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