… shocked/spinning around.

 Despite the fact that I have a million things to do the most important at the moment seems to be choosing a new mobile to replace my almost redundant upgrade which is only 11months old. With the new phone I have also elected to get a new number since my current one is 8yrs old and seems to have as much baggage as a woman recently separated from her alcoholic wife-beating husband. And while that comparison isn’t far from the mark – minus the separation and the husband – the abuse and anticipation is the same from years of first dates relationships, and subsequent break-ups.

I have also discovered that I’m not as unique as I would have liked to be. Having caught up my online reading of some of my favourite blog’s, I had one of those ‘Ah-Ha!’ moments and realised that perhaps my whinging and whining isn’t as bad as I sometimes think it is and that there are guys out there with perhaps as much bad luck in choosing men or for having that ever hopeful romantic outlook that seems to be squarely squashed when someone with a better definition or slutty disposition comes along. Despite there is an ocean between us, reading his words this morning written in moments of honesty were almost my own.

And since the feeling of living on borrowed time still hasn’t dissipated, I am getting used to living with it in kind of the same way that you get used to the blubber where love handles once were. Either situation hasn’t been helped much since my aunt was down from Cape Town et family cooking up a storm for breakfast, lunch and dinner with snacks and alcoholic refreshments every 2hrs to boot. But with the welcome distraction, the extra few Kg’s which was part and parcel I must have picked up wreaks havoc with my plans of snagging that adorable someone, somewhere at a time still to be determined.

But for the most part my time is now filled up with blah, blah, blah and I’m looking forward to going to sleep. I guess it’s good to be me right now.


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