… what did the pot say to the kettle?


I felt just like a fat kid gorging himself on an ice-cream on a hot spring day, juices running down his chin and face covered while noisily slurping away beyond the reality of his situation. The more I tasted the more I wanted and with abandon I kept going and going stuffing my face with his very essence. Every now and again, I would stretch out my arm towards the latte that stood nearby and then return to devouring the unfurling life story in my hands.


Page after page, his intricately written prose satisfied the hunger that had consumed my every waking moment for the past few days and changed the landscape of self-discovery. It triggered something so perverse that it took me a while to identify the fickle need within me – a need for flashing lights, ear splitting thumping music, near naked gyrating men sweaty and me … a little drunk, plenty horny and oh-so-cute and oh so your lottery ticket for the night!


I’m okay with the labels that come with one night stands … a carnal knowledge gained with special intimacy you can only have with a total stranger whose name you don’t know and face you will never see again. If this were a movie script, it would be perfectly executed by someone like Rupert (Everett not Murdoch) and the montage of various scenes would have an OST by Alanis or Linkin Park or Missy E. Something funky, a little lyrically dirty and with plenty of bass. Something to get your freak on!


So my night out on the town didn’t quite end up as originally planned. It started off as planned … but that’s where it ended. Instead of the nightclub there was a private house. Instead of the gyrating bodies there were only three of us. And then afterwards, I headed off to my favourite pizzeria when despite being closed some hours before, they unlocked their doors, and he welcomed me in. Two hours passed and before I realised it – it was 4am and I went searching for some fast-food after some fast-love.


Stumbling in just before the dawn, after an unsatisfying night without what I was really looking for, I curled up under the blankets and tried to sleep. But it eluded me, as my body craved the warmth and caress of the sale’s guy, and instead I fought my natural instincts and forced myself to a place I didn’t want to go to. Knowing where he is, having experienced it some 12-mnths before, the comfort that having someone there to ease the pain is what I needed. And what he needs too.



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