… skies the limit?

images1Lured by the love of the genii that moves in the depths of a purple sky, the world seemed to stand still as the only sounds were the thoughts that filled the void left by my echoing screams of euphoria lost to the wind. And there hanging like some angel’s marionette in the sky, I looked down below me as in the distance that was 3,500ft or less the mounds of sodden green welcomed me to their bosom while I fell at a frightening pace towards them.

Before, the morning spent in huddles of fearful bonding between instructions receded into memory as the words become my own actions. What seemed like hours were only minutes and what seemed impossible was now conquered. The words of his book were true, I remembered later as we sat near a roaring camp fire drinking warm beer, ruminating the history that now linked us strangers late into the night. Perhaps we even discovered a few truths of our own hidden.

And in the shadows the untruths lay, discarded by this eclipsed moment of borrowed time. And then I suddenly it felt like the wind was knocked out of me and I pause realising something about myself. I really, really liked this guy.


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