… the ugly truth?

As I spent most of Monday morning recovering from an incredibly eventful weekend mostly occupied by my latest obsession, I got to thinking of the secrets that we keep and the reasons why we tend to hide them from those who should naturally share in them. As a rule I am by nature a secretive person – from what exactly I do for clients to the people I do it with – but what happens when your world becomes a series of secrets that threaten to spill over from the darkness of rooms where dirty deeds are done dirt cheap into the daylight?
There are times in a day that my hands feel tied, and my mouth gagged and all I want is to scream out into the wind what I wish I could say. There are days when I see the same look on other people’s faces and wonder why? How do we manage to chain ourselves to loyalties that don’t exist, bonds that aren’t real and fantasies that fade before the smell of thier cologne does on the pillow their head recently occupied. Perhaps there are reasons for this, perhaps not but following everything we know the truth is an ugly thing to hear.

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