… phantom gates?

As I sat in stunned silence, with the sun setting and the near full moon overhead, my heart went out to her as her voice echoed in my ears. Trying to be so strong, while her heart was breaking at the tragic news of her loss became a burden that seemed so unfair for someone so young. Young love, like old are the truest expressions binding the souls together eternally. And in that moment I came to realise my own loves, past and present and the almost fleeting natures of them all. No matter how sympathetic or supportive the words uttered are a crude response to something so shattering. In those awkward and difficult situations when your heart reaches out to the other, knowing that a friendship is deeper and more sustaining in offering some kind of comfort seems all you can do in that time and space.

It seemed a weekend for memories, and as I drove to the church almost a year to the day to remember another friend and mentor who was no longer with us I came to realise that in living for the moment you sometimes forget the past, and don’t plan for the future. He was the most wonderful man that I had ever met, and although I knew him for many years it seemed that there would always be another day, another time for us to ruminate the distilled wisdom that he had collected through the decades, the knowledge he wished to impart and the guidance he wanted to share. His humility was something extraordinaire despite a lifetime of excellence that would have tainted lesser men with arrogance and pride. Perhaps the most intelligent, he was able to impart the most complex of problems with the simplest solutions.

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