… letters from a son?

Dear Mom and Dad,

 This letter has been a long time coming, and a long, long time overdue.

 Last night, as I sat drinking a cup of black coffee, watching the distant horizon flicker and rumble with the impending spring rains I was dumb struck with a thought so unique and startling that it made me jump up in my chair. I think they call this an ‘aha!’ moment. A moment of reasoning.

 For the first time, perhaps the first time that I can recall in recent years I am happy.

 Though we have been through ups and downs, the almost unending struggles have tainted how we see the world I had almost forgotten … put out of my mind what they have been, and what we have truly been through. I guess part of this happiness obviously stems from where for I now am, where I instinctively feel and know I belong. The work that I am now able to do has been part of the stepping stones of the past and I am good at it. Really good.

 Though now I have started to climb the ladder towards success and recognition, no matter how many times I have been praised for my many abilities; the intelligence, creativity and hard work most associated with me … there is always a voice that whispers softly and resoundingly in the crevice of my conscious, and sub-conscious. I first became aware of this in my recent interview as they read my CV. Read my accomplishments. Read my life story on the white pages printed with black ink. There bare for all to see.

 It was then that the voices became crystal clear and a loud crescendo, and have done so every day for some months … I owe everything I am today, and the successes that will come to the two of you.

 The mistakes that I have made, the failures endured are all of my own making. And yet the two of you have always unfaltering and unquestioningly supported me and my often far-out dreams. Many times this unselfishness on your part has been hidden from me … the sacrifices the two of you have made to educate me, train me and love me have made me into the person I am today. They laid the foundations of my future, one that lays bright and shiny and welcoming waiting for me to take the opportunities that will come – and to use it to the best ability I can.

 Today, I want you to know how much I love and respect and admire you both.

 Actions speak louder than words.

 You have given me everything and my thanks, however sincere can never truly be words that can ever be expressed.

 So these words will become my actions every day.

 I promise to never miss an opportunity that will take me one step up the ladder. I promise to never miss the conscious decisions these steps mean … and to never forget that it was the two of you who taught me to walk this path with my head held high, with pride and with the knowledge that I have two remarkable individuals such as yourself as my parents.

 I love you.

 Your humble son,


2 Responses to “… letters from a son?”

  1. Grant, wow truly amazing those words seem to flow straight from your soul. I’m sure your parents are very proud of you, and if you don’t mind. I’d like to read through more of your work? Only because you’re life is just as exciting as mine.


  2. Hey Lee, thanks for the comments. Drop me a line: grantquintjhb@gmail.com

    Would love to hear from you.


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