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… easy come, easy go.

Posted in Lyrics - Rihanna, Not-So-Foreign Cities on October 7, 2007 by moderngatsby

Goes from 0-to-60 in three-point-five. Baby you got the keys …” sang the song on the radio as I eased my car into the early Saturday afternoon traffic of the N1 south and headed back towards my city. “… now shut and drive” I sang back at the top of my voice in the empty car. Then suddenly the mood overcame me and I cranked the volume higher; put my foot down on the accelerator and took the light-hearted lyrics to heart. Today was not a day for seriousness. Today was a day of new discoveries. 

I had just finished breakfast with a recently published author of a truly thought-provoking book that had gripped me this past week. It was one of those grown-up conversations that kinda confirms everything you’ve thought all along but wasn’t quite sure if that was a voice of reason or paranoia. As we walked towards the exit and said our good-byes we both promised to keep in touch which is something that I’m looking forward to. Time will tell but I have a feeling that it will be around for a while yet. 

And from a new friend to an old one with a less certain view of the world around him. At lunch yesterday I realised every time we meet we end up debating whether or not he will eventually propose to his long time – and long suffering I might add – girlfriend. To be honest she’s everything you could want in a potential partner: beautiful, intelligent, has a good job that requires frequent overseas travel guaranteeing a steady supply of Sprüngli and knows how to make a mean minestrone soup and proper German sour-dough bread. This is a no brainer as far as I’m concerned. The problem comes in when you can’t reconcile the ‘what-if’ with the ‘right now’. That age old question of settling down versus pleasurable torments and distractions that every bar, restaurant or Camps Bay hotel holds for us and the exhilaration of a beating heart.

It was then that I had to raise a question that I had recently heard and resonated somewhere inside of me. “If you don’t propose and she leaves, sure you could find someone else and lead a different life, but will you look back someday and regret it? “Yes” was his quick reply. And with that we turned in momentary silence to our penne-bolognaise, chopped chilli and sweep basil pesto and personal thoughts. 

In life it’s a pretty common belief that women tend to use the left or more emotional side of their brain and men the right more logical side. But is it really that cut and dry? It seems that when it comes to affairs of the heart there’s a battle between what we know and what we feel. So what do you do when you find yourself in a situation that leaps back and forth between the left and right side? It was then that I had to ask myself: when it comes to relationships, is it smarter to follow your heart or your head? 

When I think back on the many missed opportunities my few failed relationships presented in hindsight I realise that the majority were emotionally charged. In a false-sense of bravado you mask the real reason why your last relationship failed by blaming a 3rd person that had made it a little crowded but the reality was the fear of intimacy that a opening up your heart yet again brings and the change that comes as a result. The insecurities feed the fear and a downward spiral of self-doubt and cynicism consumes you and leads you down a road towards break-up. But in knowing better you ultimately strive to do better the next time around.

Because every step you take forward, guided by your romantic heart or your cautious head, you find yourself one step closer to that seemingly elusive person that will love you unconditionally. And that has got to be worth waiting around for isn’t it?